The kids are out of school now, and it's a great time to get them in on the act of meal planning. Our OrganizHer Write 'n Wipe Meal Center and Meal Planning Magnetic Notebpad make it easy. Her's how:
  • On Sunday, sit down together with the magnetic Write 'n Wipe board or the Meal Planning magnetic notepad.
  • Develop the line-up of lunches and dinners for the week.
  • Use the shopping pad to outline your grocery needs.
  • Talk to your kids about the food groups and the importance of a healthy diet.
Use the Notes section for instructions and fun feedback:
  • Can your child make a salad, set the table, or take everyone's drink orders? If so, make a note of this duty and let him or her be part of getting dinner to the table!
  • Ask your family to "rate" the meals. Let each person vote for the best meal of the week, or have each of them rate each meal 1-10. This will help you plan for next week!
  • Watch your meal budget by tracking your daily spending in the Notes section.