Foreign language students will need to remember as many vocabulary words as possible to keep their ship afloat.  Arrange the desks so that rows of four face the middle in a circular pattern, like the way a child draws the rays of sunshine.  Group the students, each team of four is the crew of a pirate ship.  Have them name their ships and tape the name on the front of the first desk.  The teacher will call a ship's name and put a category in play.  For example, the teacher might say, "Foods!"  Each student on the ship must identify and pronounce a food in the foreign language.  The last person in the row is the gunner, and if he or she is able to list one final word, the gunner can fire a cannonball at another ship.  When that happens, the ship under attack must perform the routine continuing the same category.  A ship's crew that falls short of the task is sunk, and the ships still sailing, one by one, must claim the drifting pirates.