Teacher-parent communication plays an important role in the academic development of younger students. With both adult supervisors on the same page in monitoring a child’s scholastic career, the many twists and turns of a typical school semester can be properly prepared for — and addressed in much greater detail.  

Setting this tone as early as the first day of school will start the relationship with moms and dads off on a positive note; it’s hard not to appreciate a proactive approach. One interesting idea for establishing strong rapport comes from Sandra Jean Henderson of Edwardsville Schools in Illinois.

“I made my parents a special folder that includes the all-important papers they need to keep, read and return,” Henderson writes — mentioning that such forms include the first-grade class’ curriculum and several field trip permission slips.  

“Parents folders are not mixed with the student’s work at all,” she said before adding that emptying and returning the folder is in fact the parent’s job. “They were passed out the first day of school when parents brought their children to school. Students don’t have to worry about transmitting important information; they just deliver the parent folders.”

Henderson believes that by preparing these folders for parents and personally distributing them on the first day of school, parents are put at ease by having total ownership of important information upfront. She also says that this approach does wonders for her seeing documents returned on time. “They come back completely filled out on the designated day!”