Teachers who establish organization in their own professional lives are often the ones that create the most constructive classroom environments. To instill productive work habits in students, first be sure that your own environment is in good order. Here are a few suggestions to help organize your work life before a new academic year begins.

ORGANIZE YOUR STATIONERY PRODUCTS — If your abundance of stationery products has found its way into virtually every compartment of your desk in years past, then it’s time — once and for all — to purge. Gather up all the pads and pens you can find and lay everything out in front of you. But not so fast — before you store it in orderly fashion, you should make sure that everything is still functional. Old, flimsy paper and weak pens should be thrown away. Then, you can proceed with storing the consolidated collection in one designated shelf or cabinet — nowhere else!

ORGANIZE YOUR WORK SCHEDULE — Take some time to reflect on how your work system has been operating lately. Would you benefit from pockets of time being used differently? If you feel overwhelmed, glance over your calendar and remove 10% of your activities for the coming week — replacing it with personal time! And when meeting with coworkers, try to avoid small talk and conduct the business at hand in under 30 minutes.  If you get invited to meetings you consider to be more of a time-waster than a benefit, request to be removed from the invitee list. Finally, take 10 minutes each night to prioritize the next day’s tasks from top to bottom in terms of importance.