Ways to get back on track

A few months into school....feeling on track or a little bit overwhelmed? Here are tips to get back on track"

Take time to plan:  sit down with a blank notebook page and enough time that you won't feel rushed.  Write down everything that you have to do.  This can be a little scary at first, but things will get better when you know everything that's on your plate.

Prioritize:  look at your list and think about each responsibility, assignment, or task. What's really important to you? What's not? Is there anything that you can cross off the list and never have to worry about again? If yes, do it. For everything that's left on the list, assign a priority. Do you have to do it today? Is a grade riding on it? Do those things first.

Think about what's taking up your time:  are you in too many activities? If yes, can you eliminate any of them? How about screen time? Are you putting in hours in front of the TV, computer, or your phone? Cut back so you can get other things done. Don't sacrifice good habits like working out and getting enough sleep.

Talk about it:  talk to your parents or friends. They can help you set priorities or help you accomplish tasks.

Take time to relax: make sure you work in a little bit of time just for you. Reading a book, taking a walk, and getting together with friends can rejuvenate you!