Summer is the perfect time to explore new books!

The lazy days of summer are great for visiting the pool, connecting with friends, and reading. Here are some hints for keeping summer reading fun:
  • If you don't already have one, apply for your own library card.
  • Set a schedule for visiting the library -- once every week or two.
  • Find hidden minutes for reading. Over breakfast, during pool breaks, and while waiting for rides are all "found" minutes for reading.
  • Try something new. Check out an action mystery or historical biography...or any book you might enjoy. Ask for recommendations, You may discover a whole new category of books you love!
  • Get a jump on school reading! If you already know that your English class next year will read To Kill a Mockingbird, pick up a copy this summer and give it a pre-read.
  • Extend into other authors. Many online book retailers will make suggestions for you if you indicate your "wish list" preferences. This will give you ideas for other authors to check out, plus you can read reviews from other readers.
Grab a book and you take hold of an instant adventure -- travel to different countries, different worlds or different centuries without ever leaving your own zip code.