Get Guts
Summer job doesn't have to be a painful collision of two words you don't ever want to see together. Make it yours.

Best advice for a summer job that suits you? Trust your gut.

What do you love? What comes easy to you? What are you dying to try?

Your instincts know what's best for you. Listen to them.

Get Outside
Like golf? You'll learn about the game, and spend the summer outdoors, by caddying.

Want real outdoors? Try working for a local farm.

It doesn't pay much and the hours are long, but you'll be outside and have a newfound appreciation for the delicious strawberries in the produce section.

And you'll save money on the gym for three months.

Get Away
Want to get out and away? Check with the National and State Parks for summer jobs.

You don't need special skills to wait tables at a lodge in Yellowstone National Park. The tips are better, the off-hours are glorious, and you'll meet interesting people from all over the world.

Get Going
Are you ambitious and driven? Use the summer to challenge yourself. Try something you're not good at to get better. Mistakes are forgivable when you're the summer help.

Always look for a situation and boss that your instincts tell you will work.

If you enjoy the gig and the people, great! If not -- it happens, not your fault -- you'll get through it because there's an end in sight.

Either way, the experience is a skills investment that'll pay dividends later.
Get It All
If you've ever wondered what it's like to do something, find out! Think of endless summer as endless possibility.