Want a foolproof way of getting more done in less time? Well, in order to save time you have to conquer space: your space. As in the place where you read, write, study and generally do what you need to do in order to achieve your academic goals. Here are a few tips for making it the perfect environment for success.
  • It’s important to be able to find what you need when you need it. Ruthlessly de-clutter your space once a week. 
  • Same as above but specifically: paperwork. Only keep the documents that you actually need. If you have a copy of an original document, pitch one of them. If you have a document digitally, pitch the paper. Only keep documents and paperwork that are irreplaceable. 
  • Recycle or hide old textbooks and other books. Display the books and study materials you will actually need, and those only, on an accessible bookshelf or on your desk.
  • Toss out old school supplies. Organize your other supplies in drawers, cups or bins. 
  • Replace old photographs and artwork with new additions. Update picture frames and magnetic decorations. 
  • No Play Zone: Try to keep anything that will distract you from work as far away from your study space as you need to. This goes for music, your phone and even non-school-related books.
Remember, someone else is responsible for making your school environment conducive to learning. But this space is your space. You are the boss here. It doesn’t have to look like school or a library, it just has to be a place where you get things done.