Is your closet the neat and orderly space where you begin every morning as you get ready to venture out into the world? Or is it a black hole where you try to conceal the chaos that lurks just below the surface of your life? Not sure? OK, open your closet door. What color is the rug? Can’t see the floor? How about the walls? The ceiling? This may be an issue worth addressing.

As usual, it helps to take a methodical approach:
  • Start by removing every item from your closet. Before you sort through the junk, clean and (if your feeling ambitious) disinfect the closet’s interior.
  • Next remove or add shelving, racks, or additional storage units depending on what you will need.
  • Sort your items into three piles: donate, discard and keep. Ideally the “keep” pile should be the smallest.
  • Once your closets are tidy, look around your room. Is there any stuff that you could more conveniently (and neatly) keep in your closet? If so, organize it into an appropriate storage space.
  • Consider turning a spare closet into an alcove, a reading nook or even a place to put your dresser so that you have more room in your… er, room.
Now that you’ve snatched order from the jaws of chaos, remember that it’s a lot easier to maintain a tidy closet than it will be to do this all over again three months from now.