One of the hardest things to do is switch schools. Here area  few tips if you ARE the new student and a few tips to HELP a new student:

I'm a new student - UGH!
  • Even before school starts, you can canvas your neighborhood to see if there are any kids about your age. If there are, ask them for tips on catching the bus, good groups to join, and hints for what to wear on the first day of school. Ask one of these students to be a buddy for you on the first week to help you find classrooms and have a destination table at lunch.
  • If possible, contact the school in advance of school starting to see if there will be an open house or if there is an early school activity (like a football game) that you can attend. If there is something scheduled, go with the goal of meeting 3 new people.
  • On the first day, arrive early so you can find your locker, your homeroom, and the lunchroom. Go to homeroom early and tell the teacher you are new. Ask him/her to introduce you to one or two people the first day.
  • Look for clubs and sports to join. These activities are natural friendship-builders, plus you'll meet people with the same interests as you!
I want to help a new student!

First, thank you! On behalf of all new students, it really helps when the "veterans" take a rookie or two under their wings.

As a returning student, you're in a good position to recognize new people, so seek out one or two new students the first week.
Easy ice-breakers:
  • Smile and introduce yourself!
  • Offer to help find classroom/locker.
  • Invite the new student to sit with your friends at lunch.
  • Talk with the new kids about sports and activities that you're in.
  • Invite a new student to come to your house after school for studying or an outdoor activity.