Picking the right extra-curricular activities

Back to school means back to extra-curricular activities, too.  There's a lot to choose from, so here are a few tips for picking the right extra-curricular activities for you:
  • Ask your friends what they are involved in.  They would have an "inside" view and could give you an idea about if you would like it.
  • Check in with your parents -- can they support the time (and sometimes added expenses) associated with a particular activity or club?
  • Check with the office or guidance counselor.  They often have a listing and schedule of clubs, sports, and activities.
  • Ask your teachers -- many teachers also sponsor groups.
  • See if you can form your own club.  If you are interested in a topic that ins't offered, see what it takes to form your own club.
  • Contact the club president/leader to learn more.
  • Ask an older sibling.  If you are the oldest, ask one of your friend's brothers or sisters.
  • Join something related to your intended college major or a job you'd like to have -- drama and business are good examples of clubs that let you "check out" your future in advance.
  • Choose something related to one of your strengths.  If you enjoy public speaking, try out the debate team.  Like music?  Join the band. 
  • On the flip-side, joining a club might be the perfect way to strengthen a skill that you need to work on.  Maybe try out a non-competitive tennis club if you're not an athlete.  Bonus here -- you get some exercise in!
  • Serve others.  Many extra-curricular activities are service-oriented.  These look great on college applications and resumes.
  • Try it!