Someone once said “The harder I work, the luckier I seem to get.” Funny how that works. Since we’re on the topic, did you know that 13 could be your lucky number? It’s true! Follow these 13 tips for test-taking and you’ll find that “luck” just might be on your side during your next big test.  
  1. Be prepared. Start studying weeks before a big test. 
  2. Research. It’s not just for term papers. Know your test subject matter.
  3. Study gear. For instance, use note cards to improve memorization.
  4. Group think. Study with friends for added fun.
  5. Ask them questions. Meet with your teachers after school.
  6. Hit up your parents. Believe it or not they still remember some stuff.
  7. Practice makes (pretty darn close to) perfect. Practice taking the test.
  8. Sleep on it. Eight hours will make a difference.
  9. Brain…need…food. A good breakfast and lunch improve mental sharpness.
  10. Don’t get caught without the right tools. Have your No. 2 pencils ready.
  11. Stay calm. Take a deep breath. You can accomplish anything.
  12. Go slow. Read each question carefully. Kinda hard to answer otherwise.
  13. Review everything. Make sure you’ve answered all questions. Duh!
Oh, and good luck!