Having lots of friends and contacts in your life can be enriching — both personally and professionally. But keeping track of everyone’s information can become a frustrating chore.  

Whether you’re used to scribbling a quick address or phone number down on paper slips, or the type that operates strictly through an electronic device, making the switch to a well-maintained paper address book can be a real time saver. You’ll find that it’s the fastest and most convenient system for retrieving individual contacts — something that your busy schedule will appreciate.  

Do yourself a big favor and purchase an address book with replaceable entry labels. This way, should one of your contacts move or change phone numbers, you won’t need to use white-out.  

Once you have the new book, it will be time to gather all of your contacts together before entering them. Dig through your bags, pockets, closets — wherever any important addresses may be hiding.  

Go ahead and lay everything out on your table (for some, a large kitchen table may be required for this task!). With the eclectic collection now “contained,” you should go through it all one piece at a time — making sure the information is accurate. At that point, the new information can be entered into the fresh book. And do make it a point to avoid keeping miscellaneous papers in your records going forward; the address book should only be used for contacts and letter writing tasks.

Finally, it never hurts to have your records backed up electronically in case of emergency. Should your book become lost or stolen, you’ll be relieved to have access to the same information through a spreadsheet program like Excel.