Inventor Richard Hollingshead, Jr., had a vision -- to sit in his car, eat some food, and watch a movie. A dream came true when he projected 16mm film onto his garage door, and it inspired him to think bigger. Hollingshead screened his first drive-in movie on this night in 1933, in Camden, New Jersey. The price of admission was twenty-five cents per car and twenty-five cents per head.

Tip:  Host a drive-in movie at your house. Send your family members out with bags of popcorn with the invitation written on the outside of the bag:

Just after twilight, when it is sure to be dark,
Head over to 123 Main Street to "park."

Bring something to sit on; perhaps a blanket or chair
And we will supply a movie & snack, the perfect pair

For June 6 is the anniversary day
Of when the first drive-in movie did play

Position your TV on your porch or inside your garage and create open spaces for sitting along with plenty of movie snacks.

Or have members of your family star in the movie if you can find the old slide projector. Simply hang a sheet outside and project the slides onto your make-shift screen.