On this date in 1937, Sylvan Goldman created the first shopping cart for use in his Oklahoma City area Humpty Dumpty Stores.

Tip:  Turn your home or even a table you have outside into your own grocery store. 

For little learners;
  • Provide a list that shows pictures of the items you have in your "new" grocery store.  Find pictures in your newspaper, magazines, coupon inserts or online.
  • Give your child a shopping tote & help your young shopper learn to identify/match the picture to the item in your grocery store
  • Add a cashier element by counting the items at checkout
For the older shoppers:
  • Provide a written list of the items in your store; or still use a picture with the written word under the visual.  Talk about what letter each item in your store starts with as they shop.
  • Place a number (price) on each item.
  • At checkout, have a calculator handy.  Have the child push the number that corresponds to what is on the item. 
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