Baron Karl von Drais' dogs were barking by the end of his rounds, so the German tax collector developed a machine that could take the load off his feet -- THE BICYCLE!  He patented the pedal-less bike, then called a velocipede, on this date in 1819.

Tip:  Announce your Family Bike Challenge starts today.  Set a time limit (one week, one month or until school starts again) to see who in the family can bike the most miles, the most minutes, to the most places or any other suggestion that your family provides.  Remind family members of your Family Bike Rules such as always wearing a helmet, never biking alone, letting a parent/care giver know where you are biking to/from, etc.  At the conclusion of your challenge, make sure to recognize all for participating by either leaving a special treat on/near their bike or a certificate on their door/at their dinner table spot.  Feeling like your family has what it takes?  Challenge your neighbors! 

Post your family's challenge & progress on our discussion boards to encourage others to hop on their bike or trike this summer