They look like you, sort of.  They're all over your family photo albums.  Today is the day to honor your cousins.  Celebrate your extended family today.

Tip:  Find a good communication tool that is age appropriate for your child to say Happy Cousins Day to someone in your family.  Encourage sending an email with a favorite picture attached.  Calling out of the blue to say hi.  Sending a note, homemade card and/or picture to celebrate the day.  It is a great opportunity to explain to small children what is a cousin and who are their cousins.  For older children you can further instill the importance of family no matter where every member may live.  No cousins to contact?  Not a problem...it is just as important to share with your children that family can include close friends and people in your life that you care deeply about and that you should care for during happy times and not so good times.  Have your child make today a day to make some one else feel special and loved.