The Eagle landed on this day in 1969, allowing mankind its first "giant leaps" on the moon.  Neil Armstrong and Edwin "Buzz" Aldrin, Jr. walked on the lunar surface for just over two hours, taking photographs and collecting rock samples.

Tip:  This exciting moment in history should inspire children of all ages and stages to dream big and imagine the unthinkable.  Use time today in the car, during mealtimes, before nap/bed time, or as a rainy day activity to stretch imaginations.  Be as simple as using verbal story starters with your child..."If you and your friend were like Mr. Armstrong and Mr. Aldrin and you traveled to the moon what do you think you would see?  What would you eat on the moon?  What would you like about possibly living on the moon?"  Even encourage your child to ask you the same questions.  For your super-explorers ask them what unknown place they would want to explore and have them tell you what they think that place would be like when they visit.  Take in the vastness of your child's imagination and take a page from history yourself -- dream big for your family and yourself today.