Unemployed airplane mechanic Douglas Corrigan left Brooklyn's Bennett Field on this day in 1929, headed for Los Angeles in a Curtis Robin monoplane. "Wrong Way" Corrigan landed 28 laters at Dublin, Ireland, claiming to have followed the wrong end of his compass! He received a hero's welcome upon returning to the United States.

TIP:  Use "Wrong Way" Corrigan's adventure as a means to discuss directions. Have each child select a favorite place to visit in the neighborhood or your town. Discuss different ways to write or draw directions. Use language such as "left at the blue house" or "drive east for 0.5 miles."

Or supply your child with a set of directions -- for your littlest learner this could be how to find a room in your house or a hidden object -- and see how close your child comes to locating the destination.

Have an old map stuffed in the glove compartment of your car or van? What a great tablecloth to use for a meal and have each child write directions as to where food items or eating utensils are located.

Head due North for imagination and you will surely be going in the right direction.