President Eisenhower signed the proclamation declaring Hawaii the fiftieth state on this day in 1959.  Now comes the part where we attempt to cram as many Hawaiian words as possible into one sentence:  The hula dances can't wait (even for a big kahuna like you), so grab a lei and head down to the luau while the poi is warm!

Tip: Help your child find his/her home state and other places family member's have lived on a map.  Searching online or at the library you can discover many things about your state that your child will find interesting.  Contacting your state representative will likely yield the ability to receive information sent to your child about his/her state -- your child will love getting mail!  For a drive time activity or for those children who enjoy writing or drawing, encourage discovering "50 things you love about the United States."  Modify this to match when your state joined the Union:  "34 things you love about Kansas."