The "vertical loop" roller coaster received its patent on this day in 1898.  Since you don't need us to tell you how to celebrate this event, please secure all loose items and strap yourself in for a little roller coaster trivia ride:
  • The first true roller coaster, Coney Island's Switch Back Railway, opened in 1884.
  • Cedar Point's Top Thrill Dragster achieves a maximum speed of 120 mph!
  • The Desperado, starting inside Buffalo Bill's Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas, actually exits through the building's roof!

Tip: Inspire the budding architect, designer and thrill-seeker in your house by giving the charge to create (play dough, paper/crayons/markers, pipe cleaners, blocks, or anything else you have on hand) a roller coaster complete with the name of the roller coaster, what amusement park it would reside at and any special effects that would occur while on board.  C'mon, you know you want to make one, too.  You meet the fun requirement for this activity!