Round up a large sheet of art paper or even tape together paper sacks to create a large sheet of paper and colored construction paper.  You now have the makings for an interesting art & social studies project.

Lay down the large sheet of paper on a long table or the floor, and discuss with your child(ren) how you would design a city. 

Mark on the large sheet where you would put buildings, parking lots, landscaping, fountains, etc.  Decide on which types of businesses should be there.  Then, use the colored construction paper to create the different features, like gray for building areas, black for streets, and green for landscaping. 

Let your project go 3-D by using any other miscellaneous household item (remember, trash = treasure in this Mom's Lesson Plan!) to begin erecting various buildings. 

The project can become endless -- create menus for the restaurants that have been built.  Or, determine city ordinances.  Have City Council meetings. 

EXTRA CREDIT:  Call your city offices to see if someone would meet with you/your child(ren) and explain what a city planner does or other local government position.  You may have the next Mayor right under your roof!