Maintaining order within your home environment can be as valuable in your personal life as an organized work space is to your career. Many people make the mistake of not addressing their tasks away from work with the same attention to detail as they would a business project.  However, by choosing to adopt the mindset of “life as your second business” (with home being your second office), great strides can be taken in relieving non-work-related stress and being prepared to handle the unexpected. There are a few simple lifestyle changes you can make around the house to get started.
  • Fight your natural instincts to “pile.” All piling does is stack clutter on top of clutter! Yes, it’s a quick and easy means of clearing space; but if you wouldn’t want a work supervisor to see it, then that should tell you it has to go! And keep in mind — the higher the pile towers grow, the more difficult they are to bring back down!
  • When it comes to dealing with bills, adopt a “touch once” approach. When you find a bill in the mail, immediately discard the outer envelope and place the contents in a designated file folder. This folder should be stored near bill-paying items like your checkbook, stamps and a calculator. With all the necessary supplies at your service, you should be able to process everything in a single sitting.
  • In an effort to avoid the mad scramble for a sheet of paper to write on, go out and buy an assortment of notepads and place them in convenient locations inside your home, car and briefcase. This system will benefit everyone in the house; you can even buy themed notepads with alternate colors and designs to suit every family member’s personality!