Busy lives are filled with occasions when a quick note or correspondence becomes necessary. Each new day ushers in new commitments, responsibilities and personal projects; keeping track of them all would be nearly impossible without a few pens and pads on hand. But if you’re finding that the amount of stationery products has become more of a burden than a blessing in multiple areas of the house, then it’s time to purge.  Take control over the ever-growing army of writing utensils with the following tips.
  • Go through your home and collect all stationery products into a box. Once everything is together, designate one easy-to-find area as its new home going forward.
  • If you find that there’s just too much to store in one place, consider bringing some of the supplies to your office — and have other people in the house do the same.
  • Make sure all the materials are current and functional. Old, flimsy paper and dried-up pens should be thrown away.
  • Think twice before buying new supplies! Chances are, you have everything you need within your new stationery headquarters. Buying new gear can only make the storage situation worse.
  • If you find that you are genuinely running low on a certain supply, try purchasing items in complementary colors and patterns. This way, you and your loved ones will be able to change up your method of correspondence.
  • To make sure you actually use all the supplies, devote a little time to creating personalized items with your own stickers, stamps, photos, magazine clippings or computer graphics. An appealing design will have you anxious to get writing!