What’s the fastest, most convenient way to rid the inside of your house from visible clutter? Most would agree that it’s hard to top the system of grabbing items, heaving them into the nearest closet and slamming the door shut! But while this approach may work as a quick-fix, too much repetition can lead to an unorganized, towering mess that can take hours to resolve. So to halt this inevitability, devote a day to the closets in your home — and restore some order!

For starters, make sure that the area surrounding the closet you’re about to address is clear and spacious. Then, remove everything from the closet and lay those items across the floor. But before you begin sorting through, take a few minutes to clean and disinfect the closet’s interior; scrub away any signs of dirt, dust the shelves and give the floor a quick vacuuming. Once that’s done, you can add new shelves or racks before the organization begins.

Next comes the challenge of deciding what the future holds for each individual item; will it be kept, donated or discarded? Ideally, your “keep” pile will be the smallest of the three come project’s end. After throwing out the discard pile and boxing up the items to be given away, you may then begin returning valuables to your newly refurbished closet.  

Once this project has been completed for every closet in your home, take a look around the house for any outstanding items that would be better served in storage. But remember — whatever you find must be tucked away properly within the new system. You’d be doing yourself a disservice by reverting back to the old “heave-ho” routine!