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Try these surefire strategies to rock your next test, quiz, presentation or research paper.
1. Link Your Thinking
Remember everything from facts to names in a snap by creating acronyms or using word associations. People, things and phrases from your everyday life can help trigger your memory, especially under pressure.
2. Time It Right
As you may have heard, cramming doesn't work. Start studying or drafting papers well in advance and pace yourself. This gives your brain the opportunity to truly absorb information and helps you output your best results.
3. Take Notes
The pen is mightier than the computer. Writing (and re-writing) your class or presentation notes in a notebook is almost like etching them into your subconscious. Formulating the words and reviewing them as you go is the best way to retain material.
4. Quiz Yourself
Practice test taking better prepares you for the real thing. Involve a neutral third party, like a parent, sibling or friend, to ask you questions. This allows for a greater element of surprise, which takes you off guard to make your mind more agile for your actual exam or presentation.
5. Rest and Relax
Even if you’re down to the wire, don't stay up all night long. Go to bed at a reasonable hour, and try to wake up a little earlier instead. Giving your body the solid sleep it needs can translate to a better performance the next day. Have trouble drifting off when you’re stressed? Close your eyes and breathe deeply several times—in through your nose, out through your mouth—until you feel your body start to calm.
6. Go It Alone
While there are both benefits and downfalls to studying by yourself and in a group, it is much easier to get off track in a group study setting. Do the bulk of your studying individually. Then, use group time (if you have it), to bounce questions and theories around and quiz one another.
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