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If your spaces could use a little organization, check out the tips below.

Make It a Priority

  • Set some time aside to clean out your locker and backpack and get everything organized.
  • Throw out the old papers, chip bags and candy wrappers.
  • Clean your locker or backpack with disinfecting wipes. They pick up crumbs and kill germs.
  • Ask your school to fix your squeaky locker door, and sew a cool patch over any holes in your backpack!
  • Minimize the junk you keep in your backpack and locker so there is room for what you really need.

Create Your Personal Space
Like your bedroom, you can customize your locker just the way you want it with NEW Five Star™ Locker Organization products. Lasts all year. Guaranteed!* Choose the style and color that’s all you, and you’ll be forever organized and perfectly accessorized all year long.  

  • Five Star™ Stackable Locker Shelf
  • Five Star™ Hanging Locker Shelf
  • Five Star™ Top Shelf Extender
  • Five Star™ Neo Storage Pocket
  • Five Star™ Split Pencil Cup
  • Five Star™ Neo Dry Erase Board
  • Five Star™ Neo Mirror 
  • Five Star™ Photo Notepad

Find Your Own System
You'll need your own organization system — one that works for you. Here are a few ideas:

By sequence of your day:
Arrange your materials in order of your classes, including your folders, books and notebooks. This is for your locker and your backpack. This helps when you have just a few minutes between classes. A good tip here is that when you're finished with the materials at the front of the line, move them to the back of the order—just like a baseball lineup.

By subject:
Keep everything you need for each subject together—your book, your notebook or your binder, your pencils and your calculator or other tools. This way, you won't forget something you need for that class.

By color:
If you love color, go one more step and color code items that go together. A blue book cover and notebook for math makes it easy to grab them together when you are rushing between classes.

Tools to support your system:
Purchase a few extra tools to keep your organization system going, for example:

  • An extra pencil pouch can keep your colored pencils and glue sticks together for art. Choose a pencil pouch that matches the color of your notebook for art and you're all set.
  • Try an expanding file for corralling worksheets and class handouts.

Keep it going!
Dedicate 15 minutes each week to review your organization system—is it working for you?  Follow the three "R's" of keeping your space working:

  • Remove trash
  • Re-sort the things you need to keep
  • Refresh anything you need to update, like your weekly class schedule or your practice times

*ACCO Brands USA LLC will replace any Five Star™ locker accessory that is returned within one year from the date of purchase. This guarantee does not cover damage due to abuse. Contact ACCO Brands Consumers Affairs at www.mead.com for instructions.

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