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School, sports, clubs, volunteer work, part-time jobs, homework — it’s almost impossible to juggle it all, while still keeping up your grades, eating balanced meals and getting enough sleep at night. Before you drop a crucial part of your routine, read a few of our time-management tips and tools. You’ll learn how to maintain your busy lifestyle…and your sanity.

Choose Your Extracurriculars Wisely
There are so many cool clubs and fun sports to dive into, but before you take the plunge headfirst, decide which ones make the cut.

Participating in more than one sport in a season might be too much to handle. Between practices and games, sports are a full-time commitment.

When it comes to clubs, be sure you’re choosing the ones that really interest you and could benefit your future. Ask yourself a tough question: Would I regret that I cut this club from my routine? If the answer is no, then let it go.

Volunteer Work
Not only does volunteering have a positive impact on others, but it can also make you feel good that you’re making a difference, and that’s important! Try making time for volunteer work on the weekends only. It’ll be easier to accomplish when you have a little more time to spare than during the school week.

Part-time Job
While it’s important to learn responsibility (and earn a solid paycheck so you can stop asking Mom for more allowance!), it’s also essential to choose a part-time job that fits your schedule. Look for jobs that allow you to set your hours, so you’re in control.

Make the Most of the Time You Have
Stats show that the busier a person is, the more they accomplish. That’s because they know that they have limited time to complete tasks on their to-do list. What does that mean for you? Take advantage of study hall and actually study. When you get home from school or practice, crack open those books before texting your friends. Always think: Am I going to want to do this homework at 11:30 at night?

Turn Off Technology
Want to know our best-kept secret for getting your homework done faster? Turn off distractions! We all think we can do more by multitasking, but that’s not always the case. If you’re rocking out to your favorite song, while texting your BFF about the latest gossip, then you’re definitely not concentrating on figuring out why x equals the square root of y. By turning off distractions while completing your homework, you’ll be able to get it done faster and more accurately.

Write It Down
The more organized you are, the less overwhelmed you’ll feel. Sometimes, just writing your schedule down in a notebook makes your to-dos more doable. When you write down your tasks, you can see them at a glance and they become more digestible. In fact, some say it’s therapeutic to cross tasks off your list as you complete them, as this gives you a sense of accomplishment.

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