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Back-to-school time means another year of test cramming, team tryouts and club meets. But it also means another opportunity to make a statement with this year’s hottest accessories.

Must-Have School Supplies
Kick off the school year with the right supplies — you know, the ones that say, “I’m cool and smart!”

Filler Paper
You can never have too much paper, right? Like when those extra-credit assignments happen, and when “Can I have a piece of paper?” happens. Our reinforced paper is double the strength of the competition*, so it will last from back-to-school ’til finals. Plus, its triangle-shaped holes fit binders better, and give you a new shape to doodle around. Find out more, and fill ’er up!

Tech Storage
Does your school have BYOD? Then you really need to protect your tablet, laptop or other tech device while it’s in your backpack — or when you’re sprinting to class before the last bell. The Five Star® Tech Carry-All + Expandable Storage has a cushiony pocket for your device, plus pockets with zippers for cords, adaptors and yes, even pens!

In the past, you may have had to sacrifice style for comfort, but not anymore! Fashion designers are bringing the backpack back, turning the functional bag into a fab outfit extra. Big Tip: Messenger bags are a great way to combine function and fashion. Keep your eyes peeled for the latest colors and patterns that help you express yourself — because when you’re confident, you rock!

Classroom Supplies
Notebooks — you need ’em, we’ve got ’em. It’s all about choosing the style that fits your personality. From bold colors to edgy graphics, from traditional notebooks to Five Star Flex® Hybrid NoteBinders®, there’s a style just for you. Go on…check it out!

Locker Organization
If you’ve got a locker, you know that after the first week of school, it gets as cluttered as your brain during finals week. Save your space with NEW Five Star™ Locker Organization products. Shelves, Storage Pockets, Pencil Cups, Dry Erase Boards, Mirrors and Photo Notepads — finally, you can be organized and accessorized all year long!

Stylish Accessories
Preppy, vintage, goth, hipster — whatever your look, wear it with pride! Always remember: There’s no wrong way to dress. Creating an eclectic look by mixing and matching colors, patterns and textures is in. Plus, it’s a great trick to expand your wardrobe without depleting your allowance. The secret is to be comfy. When you’re comfortable in your clothes, your confidence shines through.

A Positive Outlook
The most important accessory is an optimistic attitude. The greatest thing about a new school year is that you have the opportunity for a fresh start. Didn’t like your grades last year? Change them this year. Didn’t make the team last year? Try again this year. There are so many exciting experiences to be had each year, like getting your favorite teacher, meeting your new lab partner, winning a trophy and maybe even kissing your crush. Let’s see how it all plays out…

*Test results based upon independent laboratory testing of tension strength of reinforced holes in Five StarĀ® reinforced 3-hole punched printer paper and basic competitive 20# printer paper held in standard ring binders.

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