As if a hectic day-to-day schedule wasn’t enough to occupy your thoughts year-round, there are also those landmark days on your calendar, both personal and universal, that must be kept in mind for future planning.  Truth is, the busy cycle of life makes it easy for holiday preparations or a friend’s birthday to slip off your radar.  But with the help of a few in-house supplies, you can create an impressive celebration card on the spot — just in time for the big day.
  • The Internet is a great resource for creating a personalized card.  A plethora of free clip art images can be at your fingertips with a quick search.  If you’re looking for content ideas, consider incorporating a poem or inspirational phrase.  Web sites like and have a large, free selection of passages to choose from.
  • If computer surfing isn’t an option for you at “crunch time,” there’s always the time-honored tradition of construction paper cards.  Gather up the glitter, glue, scissors, markers and stickers and see where creativity takes you!
We’ve all been guilty of procrastination in the area of gift-buying.  Next time, give your stress levels a little break; a perfectly acceptable card can be put together in a matter of minutes — no trip to the store required!